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Welcome to the service provided by Vivek Ltd.

This is a product purchase scheme; hence cash will not be refunded under any circumstances.

Payments should be made by cash or cheque. Outstation cheques or payment through credit cards will not be accepted.

Scheme customer is eligible for bonus, if he/she has paid all payments on or before the due date.

The date of joining by a customer will be taken for calculation of the due date in each case. A grace period of three days is permitted for making payment every month.

If a scheme customer wishes to buy any goods before the end of the scheme, he/she will not be eligible for bonus.

At the end of the scheme, a customer can purchase any goods at any Viveks showroom for the value of the amount accrued in his/her account including the bonus.

Products can be purchased only after 30 days from the payment of last installment.

Every scheme customer will be provided with a Passbook. Customers are required to keep the Passbook and monthly receipts safely as these need to be returned at the time of purchase.

Scheme customers are requested to note that nobody has been appointed as agents for collection of scheme payments.

Scheme customers are requested to make payments only at the cash counter and get the receipt.

Scheme customers are requested to ensure that every payment made is entered in the Passbook.

All disputes are subject to Chennai jurisdiction only

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