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Viveks Price Challenge Offer
Period 7th October 2017 till 22nd October 2017

This is a special programme exclusively for the customers of Viveks who purchase from Viveks during the sale period. The sale period is from 7th October 2017 till 22nd October 2017.

Price Guarantee T&C

During the sale period, you can confidently pay the price quoted by Viveks and purchase any item. If at a later point of time, you happen to know that the same item with similar accessories or gifts (brand specifications and age must be identical) is sold by an authorized retailer in the same town at a lesser price, you are entitled to a refund of the difference in price, once you establish your claim with valid evidence as per below Terms and Condition. Items sold by any online retailers or manufacturer or market-place (like Amazon, Flipkart,, Snapdeal, etc) will not be considered under this Price Guarantee offer.

Conditions of the sale

1.   The price guarantee covers only those products, purchased from Viveks for which full payment has been remitted to the company. In case of hire purchase, relevant EMI, processing fee, etc., should have been remitted in full.

2.   The person lodging the claim should produce in support thereof, valid evidence in the form of an original bill and a Xerox copy of the same. The original bill produced as support has to be in the name of the customer who lodges the claim.

3.   The bill should have been from an authorized retailer of the product, with GST registration, in the same town. It must also establish that the item supplied (along with gifts/accessories, as applicable) matches in every respect with that of the item purchased at Viveks. The bill should also show that the transacted price is lesser than what was paid to Viveks by the claimant.

4.   The claimant should also be ready to prove that the item can be purchased at such lesser prices as above, by any one.

5.   Only the original buyer from Viveks can lodge a claim under price guarantee and shall do so in the prescribed format with the above mentioned evidences enclosed.

6.   Viveks has the right to verify if the original bill provided is from an authorised retailer. Where the items are sold by an un-authorised retailer, refund shall not be entertained.

7.   If for any reason, the company finds the claim to be unreasonable, the company reserves the right to take back the item (with gifts/accessories etc., as applicable) in good and unused condition and refund the price paid for the item, without any interest or any other liability. The company shall not be liable for any other claims whatsoever in this regard.

8.   Any Viveks customer, wanting to exercise the price guarantee refund offer, shall lodge a claim for the same within 3 days of making the purchase in Viveks. Claims received after this date shall not be entertained.

9.   The company will start processing the claims from 1st November 2017 and will complete the same before 15th November 2017.

10.  The price guarantee is designed to be an exclusive and special privilege to Viveks customers for the specified period and under the specified conditions. Hence a mere display of these conditions near the billing counter at Viveks during the currency of the programme is sufficient/adequate communication to all customers.

11.  Difference arising out of statutory levies will not be applicable.

12.  In every case of claim, the decision of the management is final.

Viveks Price Guarantee – Matter to be printed in Advertisements

Viveks Price Guarantee terms and conditions are available at the store and on Price offers given by Online retailers or manufacturers or market-place (like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal etc) are not covered under this Guarantee.